We're screwed, yo

> November 12th, 2015:

AionScript server had issues, which is why the server had been down for approximately a day. To permanently solve the problem, I asked the hosting company to add additional hardware so the same issue would not occur again. This morning, around 9:00 CET, they started working on the request, but broke the machine in the process. I've been mailing back and forth for the duration of the entire day, and they've been working on restoring access to the machine (or more specifically, the hard disk in it, because it seems like the system itself is deemed lost).

Ironically, the worst disasters are rarely your own fault. I'll have to wait until tomorrow (because of their office hours) in the hope that they restore access to the hard disk, and preferably, the entire system. Since the weekend is coming up, I took the liberty of moving the AionScript domain to a different server which, unfortunately, does not have all the required data for the forum. Which is why this page is being displayed right now. Meanwhile, the authentication server is running and is unconditionally accepting every login request, so you should be able to use AionScript while we hope and pray that the hard drive may be recovered.

> November 14th, 2015:

Unfortunately the support did not get access to the hard disk yet. Since their support basically works during office hours, I don't expect any kind of new response during the weekend. I really wish I could get access to the disk myself, but I'm currently completely dependent on their support. Still wishing for the best. Have a great weekend guys; I hope to have better news next week.

> November 18th, 2015:

With the weekend long past, and a continous stream of e-mails back and forth between the support and me, we're still not visibly closer to being up and running again. Since I haven't updated the page since before the weekend, I'm adding this message now, but.. I have nothing new to say. Still waiting.

> November 25th, 2015:

Still waiting. Still e-mailing every day. They must be getting sick of me by now. I hope to have some positive news sometime soon..

... To be continued